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Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Priced per dozen, minimum of 3 dozen

Caprese skewer $48

White Truffle Mac and Cheese tart $48

Chicken Parmesan Meatball $48

Vegetable Stuffed Mushroom $48

Beef Wellington $66

Crab Cakes topped with a red pepper aioli $66

Sea Scallops Wrapped In Bacon $72

Smoked Salmon Canapés with cream cheese, dill, and capers $66

Tuna Tar Tar $66

Rosemary Grilled Shrimp Skewers $66

*Lobster Salad Sliders  $market price

View Recommended Hors D’oeuvres by the Dozen on our downloadable PDF menu

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Stationary platters

$250 per platter, each platter feeds approximately 25 guests


Tzatziki, hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, kalamata olives, green olives, feta cheese, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. Served with tortilla chips.


Chef’s selection of soft and hard cheeses with grapes and fresh berries. Served with warm toasted bread.

*add cured meats for $100 per platter


Chef’s selection of fresh seasonal vegetables. Served with ranch dressing.


Sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, basil, balsamic glaze


Chef’s selection of a variety of petite desserts

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Chef required at raw bar and carving station.

$200 per chef. One chef per 50 guests.

All Stations Must be ordered based off of total guest count.

Stations are served for a maximum time of an hour and a half.

Slider Station $16 per person

Burger, Cheeseburger, and BBQ Pulled Pork.
Served with ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

Chowder Station $9 per person

Choice of one, served with oyster crackers

New England Clam Chowder
Cream based with chopped clams. Dill., potatoes, bacon, celery and onion

RI Clam Chowder
Clear broth with chopped clams, potatoes, celery and onion

Portuguese Chowder
Tomato based with clams, chourico, potato, celery, onion

Salad Station $14 per person

Your choice of one served with rolls and butter

Beet Salad
With goat cheese, mixed greens, and toasted almonds.
Champagne vinaigrette dressing

Garden Salad
With tomato, cucumber, and shredded carrot. Served with balsamic and ranch dressings

Caesar Salad
With croutons and parmesan cheese. Caesar dressing.

Greek Salad
With feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives, and peppercini. Served with Greek dressing.

Caprese Salad
With mixed greens, tomato, mozzarella, and basil. Balsamic glaze.

Raw Bar Station *Chef Required

Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail $5 per piece, sold in Quantities of 100

Littlenecks $4 per piece, sold in quantities of 100

Lobster tails and claws available upon request $Market Price

Carving Station *Chef Required

Your choice of one, served with rolls and butter:

Prime rib $32 per person
Served with a horseradish cream

Honey ham $24 per person
Served with a sweet pineapple glaze

Roast turkey $26 per person
With a rosemary and thyme gravy

Pizza station $14 per person

your choice of two

Margherita: roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic glaze

Fig, prosciutto, arugula, with Goat cheese and balsamic glaze

Spinach and artichoke with shaved parmesan

Pepperoni and soppressata

Taste of New England Station $85 per person

Mini stuffies
Chopped clams in a spicy chorizo and onion stuffing

New England clam chowder
Creamy with chopped clams, bacon, potato, onion

Clams casino
Littleneck clams baked with stuffing, bacon and provolone cheese

Mini lobster rolls
Lightly dressed with mayonnaise, dill, and celery

Garden Salad
Served with rolls and butter

Three Course Dinner

$85 Per Person

* Entrée Counts are required for this option (for example: 20 chicken, 10 filet, etc.)

First Course

Please select one for all guests

Garden salad or New England clam chowder

*Upgrade your salad with candied pecans and goat cheese $4 per person


Please select two, Served with starch and vegetable

Grilled Chicken Breast
With a roasted garlic demi

Grilled Salmon
With a lemon beurre blanc

Seafood Trio of Sea Scallops, Shrimp, and Atlantic Cod
Broiled in white wine and butter, topped with Ritz Cracker crumbs

Baked Stuffed Sole
With bay scallops and crab meat stuffing, topped with a lobster cream sauce

Eight Ounce Filet Mignon
With a roasted garlic demi

Pasta Primavera
Tossed with asparagus and bell peppers

Mushroom Ravioli
With spinach and tomatoes

Eight Ounce Filet Mignon served with half grilled lobster
***Additional market price per person

Surf and Turf $100 per person
(does not require entrée count if your only selection)

Eight ounce Filet Mignon served with two baked stuffed shrimp


Please select one

Key Lime Pie

Flourless Chocolate Torte

Petite Desserts Platter

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New England Lobster Boil

$Market Price
* Entrée Counts are required for this option (for example: 20 Lobster, 10 filet, 5 Vegetarian)

First course

Please select one for all guests

Garden salad

New England clam chowder


1 1/4lb boiled lobster

Mussels, littlenecks

Corn on the cob

Potato, onion, and chorizo


Please select one for all guests

Key Lime Pie

Flourless Chocolate Torte

Petite Desserts Platter


Filet mignon or vegetarian alternative available at same price entrée counts required.

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Complete Package

$110 Per Person

Choice Of One Stationary Platter

Based on your final guest count, during cocktail hour


Choice Of Three Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Served during cocktail hour

Based on one hour. Lobster sliders are an additional charge.


Three Course Dinner Includes:

Choice Of One Starter

Choice Of Two Entrées

(Counts required for this option, upcharge for Surf and Turf)

Petite Desserts Platter


*Add a champagne toast for $8 per person

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Three Course Lunch

$48 Per Person

* Entrée Counts due 10 days prior to event for this option (for example: 20 chicken, 10 roast beef, etc.)

First Course

Please select one

Garden Salad

New England Clam Chowder


Please select two

Sandwiches Served With Pasta Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
With A Pesto Mayonnaise

Roast Beef Sandwich
With Horseradish Spread

Sliced Turkey Sandwich
With Bacon And Avocado

Grilled Salmon Sandwich
Topped With A Pesto Mayonnaise

Quinoa Bowl
With Grilled Portabella, Roasted Red Pepper, Feta

Lobster Salad Roll
Additional $20 Per Person


Petite Desserts Platter Served Buffet Style

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Lunch buffet

$48 per person

Fruit Salad
Summer Salad

Mixed Greens with goat cheese, strawberries, and toasted almonds.
Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Ham and Cheese Quiche
 Vegetable Quiche
Tea Sandwiches

Herbed cream cheese and cucumber

Turkey and cheddar with Dijon mustard

Roast beef and havarti cheese with a horseradish spread

Petite Desserts Platter Served buffet style
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Breakfast Buffet

$ 48 per person

10am-12pm for a minimum of 40 guests

Scrambled Eggs



Home fries

Assorted breakfast pastries

Fresh fruit bowl

Regular and Decaf Coffee

Cranberry, Orange, and pineapple Juice

Additions to breakfast buffet

Greek Yogurt and granola $7 per person

Pancakes $8 per person

Smoked Salmon, capers, red onion, boiled egg $12 per person

Omelet station $16 per person, $200 per chef per 50 guests

Ham Carving station $20 per person, $200 per chef per 50 guests

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Bar Pricing

Full Open bar

$28 per person for the first hour

$14 per person each additional hour

Beer and Wine open Bar

$25 per person for the first hour

$13 per person each additional hour

Top Shelf Open Bar

$32 per person for the first hour

$16 per person each additional hour

Cash Bar or Consumption Bar Pricing

Beers $8, Wines $13 per glass

Mixed Drinks $13-$14

Top shelf mixed drinks $15-$16

All per person bar packages include soft drinks

Add a signature cocktail to your Per Person bar package: $16 per person

Per Person Pricing is not applicable for welcome receptions or events where there isn’t a confirmed guest count

Water Infusion Station: $3 per person

Please select one:

Strawberry Basil, Cucumber Lemon, Blackberry Lime, or Lemon and Lime

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Special Beer, Wine, or Liquor Requests Policy:

A special order is any alcohol that is not sold on the property’s existing menus.

It is possible to request a special beer, wine, or liquor as long as our distributors are able to get it.

Please note the following when ordering any special product:

1. The client must determine the amount they wish to order.

2. The client must pay for the total amount of the special order.

Any unconsumed product cannot be removed from the property; therefore, we suggest careful consideration when ordering any special beer, wine, or liquor.




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